Wiedervorlage vom 26. Sept. 2013 | Drogen | Sucht |Part ONE of Aachen´s ´big bong´- the experiment with drug addicts…

In the year 2000, Aachen, Germany, the city council, political party chiefs and administrative heavy weights – up to the Federal government´s ministerial level – started what is to be earmarked a „botched experiment“ in respect of the drug addicts!

In the cozy university city of about a 250,000 inhabitants with its 50,000 students, the number of drug addicts consuming pot, hash, crack, H and all other the other „non-goodies“, can be estimated for the city itself to about 2,000 to 2,500 people. This correlates very well with the medical statistical bandwith of 0.8% of a human population which can become addicted if access to the stuff is given[www.incb.org, Vienna, Austria]. These figures also correlate – methodologically independent – with the numbers from prosecutors, criminological experts etc. So, the figure can be considered consistent within a typical, applicable statistical bandwith.

Well, the ´Aachen millennium fixing experiment´ started with the above mentioned kind of „inaugurational big bang“ – maybe better coined as „big bong“? Top political brass on state and federal level descended upon the local yokels at the Kaiserplatz in Aachen. They really felt fine with their bump start of a new and modern concept to help addicts – which they considered an era – to help drug addicts. And, many of the responsible still seem to feel comfortable after the timespan of about half a human generation…

The „innovation“ was to concentrate the addicts to this single place. Medical and social workers offering a short break from the stressfull life on the streets, allow to take a shower and to be able to set set a sterile shot to reduce the risk of invection with severe diseases. A necessary but short time of relief for addicts. 

But for a long time, up to 150 people stayed just in front of the premises, having been busy, so to speak. It took many protests and reports in the local media until the polito-administrational mood changed a little bit. A little. Only a little bit.

Well, proverbs are best to describe things. So, the old proverb „out of sight, out of mind“ describes best what happend then and what still is in the minds of some of the classe politique. The clusters of people shrank to what can now be described as „nearly disappered“ after „influencing“ the people there by city employees. The individual situation of the addicts in very most cases has not and cannot in large parts be changed. This requires a capable concept with enough resources and infrastructure which definately is not existing in this city…

So, they still are in trouble and certainly live longer in despair. With no real perspective as the city is nearly broke…

When talking to some policians these days, the only argument in respect of a change, i.e. improvement for the adicts is to bee seen in looking for a [! singular!] new premise to take care for them. Since about three years already, this monotone argument is being conveyed.

This provokes the question if one understands their justification right, that they were looking for one premise. Considering 2,000 drug addicts in Aachen and about 4,000 in the greater Aachen area with its population of roughly half a million people, one must note that for the city of Aachen and the greater Aachen region, it still seems to be a very long and wearisome journey with no clear destination yet. Time lost at the expense of human beings…

To deal with approx. 2,000 addicts, a city must have a consistent plan and enough financial means… If they can´t deliver this, they rather should discuss and debate on low key, not triggering hopes which cannot be fulfilled. For all citizens… Initiative Kaiserplatz e.V., Aachen, Germany.












the present issue to look for adequate premises to be able to take care



















Otherwise, one can´t explain why they have´t chance the strategy of the concept and seem to show no real mood to reconsider it.







being absolutely convinced they gave the leeway for a new epoch of effective work with drug addicts.




Aachen, air pollution

The city of Aachen suffers of poor air quality due to the circumstance that the downtown area lies in a small, closed circular valley. The exhaust fumes of vehicles, fireplaces, BBQ, low air exchange rate etc. contribute to a high degree of pollution; in many years exceeding limits set by EU legislation.This year, its the construction site of a 300,000 square feet shopping mall in the downtown area with less than 650 parking places (…) that gives good reason why numbers crashed again. Every year, there is another story being told why the administration can´t start with an area which is restricted to vehicles that exceed thresholds…

Depending on the weather situation, people suffering of asthma and other sicknesses/diseases which might lead to a physiological reaction due to poor air, might encounter difficulties.

Many citizens are indeed annoyed by the policy in regard to fine dust problems.

A brighter spot may soon be set onto this topic in general – the Swiss Federal Research Insitutuion http://www.empa.ch just a short time ago found out, that diesel particulate filters in exhaust systems with certain design characteristics can produce dioxine. This chemical substance is nearly inherent and, a known substance. Dioxine is something which stays…

When the results are rolled out into a broader discussion, then, it is necessary to reconsider the whole pollution debate…

East End of Aachen: sexshops, gambling dens, betting offices and private knocking shops to be wiped out

The city council of Aachen has decided to clean up Aachen´s East  End. This means to wipe out sex shops, betting offices, gambling dens and privately operated brothels in appartements. Latter ones generate good margins as they don´t have to pay for the cost of professionally operated brothels. They are operated in 5 mins walking distance from the city hall and cathedral, dating back to at least the 17 century.

The city planers and the „Ordnungsamt“ – the public order office – now take measures to prevent such business not to be installed there anymore. Before, they agreed.

This was long overdue. Even the famous http://www.spiegel.de published a story [2006, No 19, pg. 64] about Aachen´s Kaiserplatz where working girls used to work for € 7.50. But politicians of all breed seemed to be immune to any discussion to change the desperate situation.

It is a victory of our citizens campaining group „Initiative Kaiserplatz e.V.“. Since the local Greens „convinced“ (to say it like this…) the Social Democrats (SPD)  to establish the regional drug scene there in 2000, it was evident that this idea would soon turn out to be a barrel burst. It happened. We predicted it in full detail and with all consequences to expect in the summer of the year 2001. Now, it is 2014. They were all of a sudden deaf. The other main parties – mainly the conservatives „CDU“ and liberal democrats „FDP“ – ducked to avoid any political statement. They behaved like political yellow bellies and did not take a stand. How knows, whom to meet during negotiations after future elections…

It is a necessity here to raise public pressure on politicians. They seem to understand a mandate to be an exalted position like the old Mandarines had during the ages of the Chinese emperors in the 16. and 17. century. Otherwise there is no explanations why they ignored all the warnings of the devastating effects to have an open drug szene with 150+ people at times. It was worse than in the late 1970ies at Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. No one of the political establishment in Aachen seems to have considered the consequences of their decision and attitudes.

Now, they are all of a sudden shocked that parts of the city suffer crime, closing shops, high unemployment rates etc. two-faced politics. Ironically, despite the present city´s initiative, betting shops are still newly established.

Next year – around christmas time – a huge shopping mall of 28´000 square meters will open its doors just at the Kaiserplatz of Aachen. By then, local administration and politicians should have cleaned up their political mess. Not only for the city dwellers, but also for the local shops. And – not to forget – to find humane solutions for those who are living in absolute desparation. This seems to have been forgotten in former years – the humanity, charity.

73 jährige Frau in Wohnung gefesselt und ausgeraubt

In der Josef-von-Görres-Strasse ist am Montagmorgen eine 73-jährige Frau gefesselt und ausgeraubt worden. Die zwei Männer gaben vor, ein Paket abgeben zu wollen.

73 y.o. lady was robbed on monday morning. Two men gained access to her appartement, declaring to deliver a parcel. They tied her.


+++ Bankrotterklärung der Aachener Politik / political surrender of Aachen +++ Details: Aachener Zeitung, 11. März 2014, Ausgabe Aachen


English: Aachen´s „axis of evil“, the bloody path through the city of Aachen gave cause for an interview with the head of the Aachen police departement. Please regard link of above. The numerous offenses gainst people – robberies and bodily harm – cause a real headache to the city of Aachen and the local police. The number of cases reached levels that are well above what one could call „cases confirming normal statistics“.

What has happened in Aachen, is the political surrender of the local political governments since the year 2000. Then, social democrats (SPD) and the greens (Grune) installed the „Kaiserplatz“, the hotspot to concentrate all drug adicts at one place. A concept which failed already more than 20 yrs. in Zurich. To be exact, the Platzspitz. Politicians didn´t look at the social consequences and the development in „Aachen´s east sector“. Now, they pay the price for political ignorance and negligence.

But, to think, that it were only social democrats, together with the greens who were „guilty“ of „societal abuse“, is wrong. Fostering the crime of youths is also a matter of the coalitions which followed afterwards: conservatives (CDU) and Liberals (FDP) failed. Conservatives with the greens flunked. Social democrats with the conservatives were also a failed marriage.

The political hodgepodge is one major root cause for the social disstress that for a long time has crossed the red line! By hopping into the ´poliltical bed´ with almost anyone, you can bet, severe ´political infection´  weakens the political body as it caused immuinty against insights as this would mean a relapse of what had been done. It is highly dangerous for a city… One should always be careful in selecting one´s own political bed fellow!

German: Wer heute den Lokalteil der Aachener Zeitung, Ausgabe Aachen liest, der wird entsetzt sein. Stefan MOHNE und Albrecht PELTZER haben die Daten der Prügeleien und Überfälle in Aachens Innenstadt auf Basis von Fakten in Wort und Grafik aufgeaurbeite und dargestellt.

Dieser Artikel dokumentiert die Bankrotterklärung Aachener Politik seit der Jahrtausendwende. Weiteres braucht man gar nicht mehr sagen. Es reicht, der Bericht spricht für sich. Er spricht für die Politik, die sich dadurch charakterisieren lässt, dass „jeder mit jedem ins Geschäft kommt“ und dabei verkennt, welche Folgen das „beliebige politische Miteinander“ zeitigt.

Die teure Quittung ist, dass Kinder und Jugendliche in einen Sog von Kriminalität hineingezogen worden sind. Oft unnötigerweise. Denn, wenn man die Warnrufe der Initiative Kaiserplatz e.V. in Bezug auf die sozialen Auswirkungen bereits Anfang des Jahrtausends aufgegriffen und ernst genommen hätte, dann wäre ein Teil der Jugendlichen, die Delikte begangen haben, heute keine Delinquenten, sondern Kinder und Jugendliche mit einer besseren persönlichen und sozialen Perspektive.

Politische Ignoranz ist Ferne vom Volk. Und je weiter sich Politik von seinen Stimmbürgern entfernt, umso heftiger sind die politischen Schmerzen, wenn das Band zwischen Mandatsträgern und Stimmbürgern gerissen ist.

Die etablierten Parteien haben sich im Aachener Stadtrat sicher nicht mit Ruhm bekleckert…

Gehen Sie im Mai zur Kommunalwahl!

Tourist information: in Aachen, number of downtown robberies reach new peak

The number of robberies in downtown Aachen, Germany have increased dramatically. Having reached a peak in 2012, the year 2013 has now proved to be a robbery record year again. And, there is no end in sight.

It is obvious, people cannot expect any mercy by the robbers. Often, they are young adults or, even adolescent teens. Elderly people walking with their wheeled walker even get smashed and robbed because they are easy prey for the robbers. Just last week, an 81 y.o. gentlemen was severly hurt when he wanted to enter his home in the evening. A robber pulled the wrist watch off his wrist, which caused extreme skin injuries, to his hand. Also, by ruthlessly pulling rings off his fingers, they were injured.

And, young people – be they 15, 16 or, 22, they get robbed on the open street just because they have visible earphones on – enough for some adolescent young men going nuts, commiting a severe crime which leads behind bars.

The „axis of the evil“ in Aachen stretches from the estern part of Aachen, through the central area with Charlemagne´s cathedral, way up to the university quarter. It can  everyone – ike snipers selecting their vicitims statistically. It sounds cynical. But, the situation in Aachen is absurd.

The ruthlessness could not have been brought at bay by the city of Aachen for a while alredy. Police patrols and enforces any crime, but they suffer red tape and needing much more officers. In contrast to the UK or, the USA, police officers are employed by the Federal States. For Aachen, it is Northrhine Westphalia.

One major root cause for the security situation is a decision by the municipal gonvernment about the year 2000, when Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens – other cities, other parties! – decided to install Aachen´s internationally known drug scene which soon turned to become the „inner city swamp“.

A few years later, the local Christian Democrats (CDU) and Liberals (FDP) weren´t similarly listless to change things, too. We just remember the talks with Armin LASCHET (CDU) now, one of chancellor Angela MERKELs three deputies; certainly, documented in a protocol – listless..

The idological ignorance of local politicians of these parties and, parts of the former administration actively contributed to a climate of crime, due to being not only tolerant, but also „fostering“ a climate of misinterpreted „tolerance“.

They have wasted the future of many young people who ended – and will end up – in prison or, who became victims of too much tolerance towards „special social rules“…

Politicians of Aachen should think about 25. May 2014, when the city council, the lord mayor and, the European Parliament at this day will be elected.

Citizens of Aachen want reliable and solution oriented political leadership and not political yellow bellies who are afraid to execute law given. Some seem to been lead by the mission of do-gooders – „Gutmenschen“ – ignoring the consequences of walking along with the blinders on.

People do not want a strengthening of the extreme sides of the political spectrum.

So, politicians, please move out of the comfort zone for the sake of all citizens!!!




as parts of them might be afraid of losing votes of . And, they do not want extremists to grab any seat.


Aachen – Überfälle durch Jugendliche / downtown robberies by young adults // tourist information

Die Anzahl von Raubüberfällen und Diebstählen auch durch Jugendliche im Stadtgebiet Aachens steigt. Manche Täter sind erst 15 Jahre alt und scheinen sehr furchtlos eingestellt zu sein.

Bitte geben Sie im Suchfenster „räuberisches“ oder „robberies“ ein, um die jüngsten Fälle und ihre Lokalität finden zu können.

The number of robberies and mugging in downtown Aachen has significantly increased during the last weeks.Young adults aged sometimes 15, or 16 yrs. act as if they are not afraid of anyone and anything. The locations of their criminal offences are not the dark and creepy hidden places, but the streets in downtown Aachen. Bodily harm – unfortunately – must be assumed as possible or, probable. If you enter „robberies“, or „räuberisches“ in the search window („suchen“, above right; magnifying glass symbol), you find a list that is updated on a daily basis.

Nation wide, the police emergency phone number is „110“. Your call will automatically be switched to the hotline of the next police headquarter. Please do not hesitate to call the police if you are in a situation that might be threatening you or obviously is dangerous.

Of coarse, the German police does not charge any fees for any kind of emergency call.